5 Best Fra Diavolo Recipes

When you think of Italian cuisine, you probably picture pasta and various sauces. These sauces can range from very simple to incredibly complex, but there’s no doubt that they play a central role in pasta recipes.

One popular sauce that’s often used for pasta and seafood is Fra Diavolo – a relatively simple but flavorful spicy tomato sauce. 

Fra Diavolo means “from the devil,” so this sauce is not for those who like mild flavors, but the heat level in these recipes can be adjusted according to your personal preferences. Learn about our favorite Fra Diavolo recipes below.

1. Diavolo Sauce Recipe

Diavolo Sauce

This simple, delectable sauce comes together in about a half hour and calls for common ingredients. Crushed tomatoes are key for this, so make sure to use a high-quality brand of tomatoes.

Be aware that cheap canned tomatoes will impart a metallic or highly acidic flavor to your sauce, lowering the overall quality of your dish. 

With garlic, crushed red pepper, and white wine, you will end up with a spicy, savory, somewhat sweet sauce that can be served as a meal on its own when combined with juicy prawns.  

Get the full recipe and directions here.

2. Spaghetti Shrimp Fra Diavolo Recipe

Spaghetti Shrimp Fra Diavolo

Spaghetti and seafood are a match made in heaven, so it may seem contradictory to pair them with this “devil’s sauce.”

Nonetheless, the flavors and textures here are too good to pass up, and using Truff’s Black Truffle Arrabbiata sauce makes this meal almost too easy to prepare.

One big difference between plain Arrabbiata and Fra Diavolo is the addition of white wine, so make sure to have some on hand. If you don’t, substitute it with a half cup of broth. 

Get the full recipe and directions here.

3. Calamari Fra Diavolo

Calamari Fra Diavolo

Calamari, like shrimp, works wonderfully with pasta. In this Fra Diavolo variation, you’ll combine the snappy squid with linguine after cooking it in the irresistible spicy sauce.

The clam juice helps to bring out the flavors of the calamari, while red wine makes for a beautifully complex flavor profile. If you don’t have clam juice or prefer a more subtle seafood flavor, you are welcome to use chicken broth in its place.

Additionally, if you don’t have alcohol on hand, you can substitute beef broth for red wine. Just know that the flavor of the sauce will taste slightly different with each of these substitutions. 

Get the full recipe and directions from Tasty

4. Instant Pot Shrimp and Spaghetti Squash Fra Diavolo

Instant Pot Shrimp and Spaghetti Squash Fra Diavolo

The Instant Pot has been a godsend for many home cooks, allowing them to prepare quick, mostly hands-off meals that taste just as good as something that’s been on the stove all day long.

This version of Fra Diavolo healthy and easy to make – a win-win in our book. The squash does an excellent job of approximating the flavors and textures of pasta.

We love the spicy sauce, and if you’re in the mood to add even more spice, consider adding some Calabrian chiles or jalapenos in addition to the chili flakes.

Get the full recipe and directions from The Foodie and the Fix. 

5. One Pot Shrimp Fra Diavolo

One Pot Shrimp Fra Diavolo

The only thing better than a delicious meal is one that requires minimal cleanup! This One Pot Shrimp and Asparagus Fra Diavolo tastes like it took hours to cook, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

By cooking down the leeks and garlic until softened at the beginning, you gain an incredible depth of flavor that takes very little effort.

The shrimp and asparagus cook quickly at the very end, providing a satisfying crunch with every bite. Fresh Fresno chiles pack a nice spicy punch, but you can substitute those with any hot pepper of your choice. 

Get the full recipe and directions from Real Simple

Fra Diavolo is the perfect sauce for Italian food lovers who also like a little bit of heat. All of these dishes are highly customizable, which is what makes cooking them so fun!

Once you’ve mastered your favorite Fra Diavolo recipe, consider swapping out ingredients and varying the types of peppers in the sauce to make it entirely your own. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite version of Fra Diavolo!

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Fra Diavolo Recipes
Fra Diavolo Recipes

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