Gordon Ramsay’s Creamy Tuna Pasta Bake Recipe

I came across a tuna pasta bake recipe awhile back from Gordon Ramsay and it was amazing. Like I always do, I jotted down some of my recipe edits into a notebook as I was making the recipe in case I ever needed to refer back to it (for example, I added broccoli in it). Unbeknownst to me, the original recipe would disappear from being online anywhere. I couldn’t find in when searching for it – not on his website, not on youtube, and not on Pinterest. Did I imagine this recipe?

Just recently I was clearing out old notebooks, and stumbled upon a page with no title but a list of some random ingredients…canned tuna, shell pasta, and broccoli. Was this the recipe I was looking for? I started to try and fill in the blanks of my scribbled out notes, and this is my recollection of the original tuna pasta bake from Gordon Ramsay…

It’s a creamy tuna pasta bake and is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner. The sweet and saline flavors of tuna and its meaty and creamy texture pair perfectly with the mildly bitter taste and crunchy texture of baked broccoli. Each bite will be a delicious mixture of creamy and crunchy layers that will make you want more.


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