Lasagna Recipe without Cooking Noodles (Using Regular Noodles)

Did you know that you can make lasagna without having to boil the noodles first? And I’m not talking about using no-boil lasagna noodles – I’m talking about using regular lasagna noodles. Read further to check out this hack!

The trick is to make sure that your noodles are always touching something wet (ie the marinara sauce, the ground beef mixture, etc) on both sides of the noodle. For example, most people layer lasagna with noodles first. But for this recipe, you’re going to start with a layer of marinara sauce in the baking dish first. This ensures that the lasagna noodle has plenty of moisture to soak up and cook through.

Another thing to note is that this recipe will do better with slightly runnier sauces (for the noodles to soak up), so feel free to add 1/4 water to your marinara sauce if it seems too thick.

Lasagna Recipe Without Cooking Noodles
Lasagna Recipe Without Cooking Noodles

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