Pasta Mollicata Recipe

Pasta mollicata is one of the most simple and accessible Italian dishes, especially popular in Southern Italy. The dish consists of a mixture of store-cupboard ingredients, the key components being the name of the dish ‘pasta with breadcrumbs’.

Due to the humble ingredients mollicata is considered a ‘poor man’s dish’ while its popularity is due the irresistible flavor, making this recipe the perfect combination of affordable and delicious. Stale breadcrumbs are given new life, toasted in olive oil until crisp and golden, then infused with ingredients such as anchovies, chilli, garlic, and herbs.

The idea behind mollicata means that the dish is suitable for many variations depending on the season and ingredients available, use any humble leftovers including the addition of mushrooms, leeks, tomato, onions or nuts. Create a complete and satisfying dish in just 20 minutes for an ideal midweek meal which requires no planning ahead.

Pasta Mollicata

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