Italian IGP Pasta Gift Crate


This authentic Italian pasta gift crate is perfect to send to any food lover on your list. The IGP pasta and sauce included in this gift will impress even the pickiest of pasta connoisseurs!





This gift includes:

  • Organic Terre di Grifonetto Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml: This Terre di Grifonetto EVOO blend is derived from two Umbrian olive varieties: Leccino and Frantoio. Harvested from October until the first week of November, oil is derived from continuous cold cycle extraction. (250 ML)
  • Lasagne IGP by Pastificio Gentile: Quality ingredients are essential in making a favorite comfort food such as Lasagna – elavate your favorite dish from good to amazing. Pastificio Gentile Lasagne IGP sheets will transform your next recipe with its, aroma, texture and homemade taste, allowing all of your ingredients to meld together perfectly. This is a pasta Nonna would be proud to serve! (1.1 LB)
  • Pennette Rigate IGP by Pastificio Gentile: Pennette is simply a smaller, more slender version of penne pasta. These shorter “Quills” or “Feathers” are perfect for salads, and holds pesto, arrabbiata and light marinara sauces well. (1.1 LB)
  • Spaghetti Chitarra IGP by Pastificio Gentile: Chitarra is named after the tool that makes the pasta shape. The chitarra (guitar) is a tool with multiple wires that cuts the pasta into long square, rather than round shaped noodles (like tradional spaghetti). Invented in Abruzzo, this shape of pasta loves hearty sauces and ragu. (1.1 LB)
  • Organic Red Pesto by Fattorie Umbre: The finest Organic tomatoes combined with carefully selected ingredients creates the ideal pasta dressing. Fattorie Umbre’s pasta sauces are created using beloved recipes with only all-natural ingredients. (6.35 OZ)
  • Organic Traditional Tomato Sauce by Fattorie Umbre: Fattorie Umbre’s Organic Traditional Tomato Sauce is created using a few simple, essential ingredients: the first step is to fry carefully selected vegetables in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a rich base. As soon as the ideal consistency is reached, the main sauce ingredient of Italian tomatoes is added. The sauce obtained is swiftly bottled and pasteurized to insure its preservation without the use of chemical additives. (250 GR)
  • Gift Presentation: Comes packed in a rustic pine crate, finished with a chocolate brown ribbon.

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