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Quick Eggs In Purgatory (Italian Shakshuka) In 30 Minutes

Eggs in purgatory (or Italian shakshuka) is a simple recipe you can make in under 30 minutes and can serve for breakfast or even as a main meal that your family will love.

It is prepared with simple ingredients – it’s basically just poached eggs with tomatoes, cheese, and spices – all of which you probably already have at home! The number of spices in this dish really creates a lot of depth to this breakfast recipe. If you do not like curry, you can replace it with turmeric powder or add some nutmeg, cinnamon, and paprika powder.

So if you’re having trouble thinking of something to make for breakfast or dinner tonight, try this out! Serve it with some bruschetta or toasted garlic and parsley bread. My favorite thing to do is break the egg yolks over a piece of buttered toast.

Eggs in Purgatory RecipeEggs in Purgatory Recipe
Eggs in Purgatory Recipe

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