7 Best Tiramisu Torte Recipes

What is a tiramisu torte?

The word tiramisu, when translated from Italian, means “pick me up.” This coffee-flavored delicacy is very popular and has seen many different variations in restaurants and homes over the years.

Now, what is a torte? Put simply, a torte uses a lot of the same ingredients that cakes do, but it is usually multilayered, very rich, and filled with buttercreams or even jams. The term is often used in Europe and most closely refers to a cake. For our purposes today, we will define it as a clean and polished looking cake.

When you combine a tiramisu and a torte, it is without a doubt a match made in heaven. Today, we are sharing our seven favorite iterations of this decadent dessert which is a coffee lovers’ dream. Bon appetit! 

1. Tiramisu Cake

Photo courtesy of Where Is My Spoon

This creamy version definitely tops our list. It is not overly sweet but hits all the right notes. A classic tiramisu recipes use ladyfingers soaked in coffee and this version also does the same process. There are several layers to this cake, but honestly, this dessert is very beginner-friendly.  

If you follow each step correctly, you will end up with a finished product that is creamy, moist, and tender. You can either make homemade ladyfingers or choose to buy them from the store, both ways will work just fine for this recipe. The author of the recipe gives a helpful tip to store any leftover ladyfingers so look for that when you read through their recipe steps. If you decide to make this for a party, don’t expect to take home any leftovers. This dessert will be devoured within minutes of serving. 

Get the full recipe and directions from Where Is My Spoon

2. Toffee Tiramisu

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home

We love the fact that this is an easy recipe to follow and has many excellent ratings from readers. Like most of the recipes listed, you will need to refrigerate this one overnight to let all the coffee flavor soak in. What makes this version extra special is the crunch you get from the Heath candy bars that are incorporated throughout the dessert.

Toffee is one of those flavors that go really well with chocolate. This kind of candy is made from sugar and butter and cooked until it is hardened to give it that brittle crunchy texture. If you can’t find Heath bars, you can simply make your own toffee candy to use instead. The author of the recipe suggests that if you want to cook and cut the cake layers in advance you can do that. Make sure to freeze those slices individually so you can assemble the cake with ease once you’re ready.

Get the full recipe and directions from Taste of Home

3. Tiramisu Angel Cake

Photo courtesy of My Recipes

If you don’t have the time to make a cake from scratch, this version is a great option for you. All you need to do is find a pre-made angel food cake from the grocery store or ask a talented neighbor to do you a huge favor. This one is unique because instead of ladyfingers, you soak the angel food cake in coffee. It may take some trial and error to get the recipe just right since angel food cake is so airy and takes in moisture rapidly, but it’s worth the effort.  

Another difference with this cake is that not only does it call for mascarpone, but there is also a bit of plain yogurt and other ingredients that you mix together for the mascarpone layer. You also don’t have to chill this dessert for very long. In fact, you can make it the same day and serve it in as little as 2 hours after chilling it in the fridge. If you need a last-minute dessert, this is a great fit.

Get the full recipe and directions from My Recipes

4. Mocha Tiramisu

Photo courtesy of Delicious Magazine

We like that the method used to combine the cake mix in this recipe utilizes a food processor. That isn’t commonly seen in cake recipes, however, this dessert will give you a reason to break out your under-used food processor. Another bonus is that there are almost eight grams of protein per serving thanks to the added walnut pieces in this recipe.

This dessert can act as a show-stopping centerpiece for any dessert table. If you love to make things look pretty, this recipe will help you do just that. We can’t think of a better dessert recipe for those who are seeking to challenge their baking skills. The rich chocolatey coating with the edible gold leaf is the pièce de résistance for this sinful and decadent dessert. This would be absolutely perfect to display and serve at a holiday celebration. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

Get the full recipe and directions from Delicious Magazine

5. Tiramisu Icebox Torta

Photo courtesy of The Food Network

Who doesn’t love binge-watching cooking shows on the Food Network? After finding this recipe, we knew we just had to share their version of a tiramisu dessert. They recommend using a 9-inch springform pan so you can easily remove the cake from the pan when it is ready to serve. This dessert looks simple yet elegant and is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. Best of all, you only need nine ingredients to make it!

Get the full recipe and directions from Food Network

6. Boozy Tiramisu

Photo courtesy of Woman & Home

This is a unique dessert recipe fit for an adults-only party. Instead of ladyfingers, it calls for boudoir and amaretti biscuits that are soaked in Tia Maria. We love the Tia Maria liqueur because of all the coffee flavors in it that make this dessert really stand out. There is no “cake” base to speak of besides the boudoir and amaretti biscuits in this version.

This recipe uses raw egg yolks so be aware of that before you start making it. If you feel like you can’t stomach this, then you can make this later for an extra special event. Don’t give in to the temptation to dig in prematurely because you need a full 48 hours to chill the dessert before it is ready to serve.

Get the full recipe and directions from Woman & Home

7. Creamy Strawberry Moscato Torte

Photo courtesy of NY Times Cooking

Last but not least, try this strawberry variation of a tiramisu cake. It is a perfect no-bake summer dessert and uses moscato wine instead of coffee to dip the ladyfingers in. Since moscato is a naturally sweet wine, it complements the strawberries very well. If you are looking for a new dessert that is a cinch to put together, look no further than this delicious recipe. It is a moist cake that would hit the spot after a nice summer barbecue meal.

Get the full recipe and directions from New York Times Cooking

Now that you’ve read through our list, we hope you enjoy making some of these flavorful tiramisu tortes in the near future. Which one do you think you’ll try first?

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