7 Reasons to Try

Costco's Tiramisu


- TIRAMISU: THE PERFECT DESSERT - A balance of being a bit sweet with a touch of bitterness

Did it Score Well in Our Books?

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Averaging between $13-$16, the price point is hands-down the best reason to consider this dessert.

1. The Price

2. Number of Servings

At more than 2½ pounds, it can serve about 20 people.

Tiramisu is normally made with Marsala wine or rum, but having no alcohol means more people can enjoy it!

3. There's No Alcohol In It

4. It Uses Traditional Flavors

Coffee-soaked sponge cake with a creamy mascarpone filling, topped with a sprinkle of chocolate powder, chocolate shavings and espresso beans.

The creaminess of the mascarpone is absolutely divine when paired with the slightly bitter espresso flavor.

5. It Tastes Great

6. It's Really Moist

The mascarpone is paired with American cream cheese to make a divinely rich, flavorful mousse that prevents this cake from being too dry.

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Whether you're planning to freeze it or travel with it, this cake holds up really well!

7. It Holds Up Well