Uses for Alfredo Sauce

The first thing that may come to mind when you think about alfredo sauce is Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, a luxurious and creamy dish that is loved by many. Alfredo is a staple in many Italian restaurant menus in the United States; however, alfredo sauce is not just for pasta. The great thing about alfredo sauce is that it can be prepared in different ways, including gluten-free and low-calorie variations, making it a very versatile sauce. Today’s topic of discussion will cover the different ways to use alfredo sauce.

1. Vary your Pasta Pairings

Vary your Pasta
Vary your Pasta

Fettuccine is not the only pasta that goes well with alfredo sauce. You can also pair it with tortellini or ravioli to whip up an easy weeknight pasta dish. Consider throwing in spinach, broccoli, or kale for added contrast and flavor. You may also want to add some diced ham or chicken breast to your tortellini for an even heartier meal. 

If you prefer pink sauces, stir in a touch of tomato sauce along with a dash of crushed red pepper to the alfredo. Alfredo also enhances cheesy dishes such as baked mac and cheese entrees.

2. Use with Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Veggies
Roasted Vegetable Sides

If you’ve never tried dipping roasted vegetables in alfredo sauce, you are missing out. This is the ideal sauce to complement things like broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, and myriad other vegetable side dishes.

3. Use it as a Pizza Sauce

A freshly baked thin crust spinach pizza with garlic, lemons, and olive oil.
Alfredo as a Pizza Sauce

Substitute alfredo sauce with the traditional red sauce on your next homemade pizza. Topping ideas to consider include cooked chicken, pepperoni, and mushrooms. If you love vegetarian pizzas, alfredo sauce has a mellow flavor profile, allowing the vegetables to stand out more than they could with a marinara sauce.

4. Use it as a Creamy Element in Soups

Bowl of minestrone soup with bread
Add Alfredo Sauce to Soups

If you are a fan of vegetable soups, adding a little alfredo sauce can bring your soup to the next level. This is a great way to use up leftover alfredo sauce and adds a creamy element to the dish. Feel free to utilize this sauce in everything from tomato soup to corn chowder to give it a little extra oomph.

5. Use it in Homemade Lasagna Recipes

Use in Homemade Lasagna
Use Alfredo in Homemade Lasagna

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you used alfredo sauce in a homemade lasagna? This method can instantly transform traditional lasagna into a vegetarian-style meal because alfredo sauce pairs perfectly with mushrooms and spinach. You won’t regret making your own decadent white sauce lasagna. 

6. Use it on Baked Potatoes

Freshly baked jacket potato on a plate
Add Alfredo Sauce to Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are another thing that pair well with alfredo sauce. You should try topping baked potatoes with butter, cheese, roasted broccoli, and crumbled bacon, and then finish it off with warm alfredo sauce. Talk about a filling weeknight meal, you’ll never go back to plain old baked potatoes after trying this.

7. Use it as a Creamy Dip

Veggie Platter
Substitute Ranch with Alfredo Sauce for Veggie Platters

You may not know that alfredo also makes a great dipping sauce. Instead of using ranch, put a bowl of alfredo sauce onto your next raw vegetable platter. You can also dip pita chips or pasta chips in this creamy sauce. Be sure to sprinkle fresh parsley on top of the alfredo for added flavor and color. This is an excellent way to encourage kids (and adults) to eat their veggies.

8. Use it with Low-Carb Pasta Alternatives

Add to Low-Carb Noodle Alternatives
Add Alfredo to Low-Carb Noodle Alternatives

Vegetable noodles or cauliflower rice are ideal vehicles for alfredo sauce too. Try using it to top off spaghetti squash noodles, zucchini noodles, or even carrot noodles for a healthy, gluten-free meal.

9. Use it in Rice Dishes

Teriyaki chicken and broccoli with steamed rice in bowl, top view, dark background
Add Alfredo Sauce to Rice Bowls

Lastly, alfredo sauce can be added to rice dishes. The topping possibilities are endless, but you can’t go wrong with chicken or Italian sausage, plus your favorite cooked vegetables to make a delicious creamy rice entree. Chicken, mushrooms, and alfredo sauce are a great combination but don’t just take our word for it. Test it out and start creating your own flavor combinations at home.

If you’ve been stuck in a rut thinking alfredo sauce only goes with fettuccine pasta dishes, we hope you’ve learned something new today. Go ahead and start cooking up some delicious alfredo sauce creations in your kitchen. Don’t forget to share your ideas in the comments!

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Uses for Alfredo Sauce Pin
Uses for Alfredo Sauce PinUses for Alfredo Sauce

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