Costoletta di Vitello – Searching for Italy Recipe (The Italian Schnitzel)

Costoletta di Vitello or Costoletta alla Milanese is an old recipe that seems to date back to 12th century. During the celebrations in honor of the bishop’s brother in Sant’Ambrogio church, the canons offered a very rich banquet that included breaded veal cutlets. It seems that breading technique was used to simulate the gold covering, and it was one of the preferred cooking methods of noble families at the time.

This recipe is fool-proof as it comes from Ratanà, a restaurant that was featured in Searching for Italy. To ensure a crispy and golden crust, Chef Battisti shares his secret duo – clarified butter and fresh sage. Ratanà serves it with Milanese Saffron Risotto, but you can also pair it with veggies, rice, or salad.

Costoletta di Vitello Recipe
Costoletta di Vitello Recipe

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