Lemon Delight Cake (Delizie al Limone) – Searching for Italy Recipe

Sal De Riso did not invent the Lemon Delight Cake or the Amalfi lemons, but he pretty much made both of them famous. When featured on Searching for Italy, we uncovered that the secret to this recipe is 3 things: Amalfi lemons, cream, and more cream. This heavenly dessert tastes like clouds of springtime lemons and will make you feel like you’re sitting on the Amalfi Coast.

Just to give you a heads’ up, this recipe has a lot of components in it. Our best recommendation is to make everything except the sponge cake, and place all of those ingredients overnight in the fridge. (All of them need ample cooling time, so it’s just easier to do it overnight.) Then the next day make the cake and assemble. Enjoy!

DELIZIE AL LIMONE (LEMON MINI CAKES) - Original Italian recipe
Lemon Delight Cake Recipe
Lemon Delight Cake Recipe

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