9 Best Cheese Wheel Pasta Restaurants

Restaurants are always looking for new ways to entertain guests and get people talking about their restaurants. Cheese wheel pasta provides an element of entertainment and is a popular dish that many people enjoy at Italian eateries.

This exciting dining experience is always Instagram-worthy. Here are some of our favorite restaurants offering cheese wheel pasta on their menu.

1. Sapori Restaurant

Sapori restaurant
Sapori of Scarsdale

Scarsdale, New York’s restaurant Sapori offers a neat tableside presentation of their cheese wheel pasta. It is mesmerizing to watch them prepare it and even better to eat it. They soak the cheese in brandy, set it aflame, then add in a healthy serving of cooked pasta to let it soak in all the flavors.

2. Le Petit Paris

Le Petit Paris restaurant
Le Petit Paris Los Angeles

You have to try the cognac flambeed truffle pasta if you’re dining here. Le Petit Paris’s staff mixes the hot pasta in the cheese wheel and serves it with fresh black Italian truffle.

Guests also have the option to add chicken or steak to the pasta if they would like. This is undoubtedly a rich, luxurious, and heartwarming meal that is worth every penny.

3. Pane and Vino

Pane and Vino restaurant
Pane and Vino Miami

Anyone vacationing in or near Miami Beach has got to eat at Pane and Vino. Their spaghetti alla ruota is served up special in a whole parmesan wheel that’s been aged for two years. Talk about comfort food, you’ll be raving about this cheese wheel pasta for years to come.

4. Giardino San Diego

Giardino restaurant
Giardino San Diego

Giardino in San Diego has cheese wheel pasta nights every Monday. This upscale restaurant takes a giant parmesan cheese wheel and serves your pasta right inside it. Cheesy pasta never tasted as good as it does here.

5. Forma Restuarant

Forma restaurant
Forma Santa Monica

Santa Monica is known for many things, and even though cheese wheels may not be one of them right now, they should be. Forma makes four kinds of this show-stopping Italian pasta dish. If you’re visiting Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to drive to the beach just to eat at Forma.

6. Catello’s

Catellos restaurant
Catello’s Indianapolis

A truly authentic chef-owned Italian restaurant in Indiana also serves up the latest trend in entertainment eating on occasion. They use a giant cheese wheel and mix in their cooked-to-perfection pasta on the spot. If you’re visiting Indianapolis, you won’t regret dining at Catello’s.

7. Circolo Popolare

Circolo Popolare restaurant
Circolo Popolare London

If you can’t get enough cheesy pasta, you have to come here. This dreamy restaurant is located in London, United Kingdom, and features a huge wall full of wine bottles. The ambiance of Circolo Popolare can’t be overstated, so you’ll probably never want to leave once you dine here.

8. Cafe Settebello

Cafe Settebello restaurant
Cafe Settebello Campbelltown, Australia

This Italian restaurant is in Australia, and its menu has a signature dish featuring homemade fettuccine and fried mushrooms served inside a flaming cheese wheel. You’ll be licking your plate clean if you get the chance to taste this delicacy.

9. The City Cellar

The City Cellar restaurant
The City Cellar West Palm Beach

Lastly, The City Cellar bar and restaurant in West Palm Beach, Florida, features an open kitchen. Watch as the chef prepares the pasta and mixes it into a cheese well before your very eyes. This delicious pasta dish is also served with fresh arugula, making you feel less guilty about your cheat meal.

Food lovers the world over should have a cheese wheel pasta dish at least once in their life. It is an incredible dining experience that you have to see to believe. Discover this trendy new pasta dish with your friends and family.

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Cheese Wheel Restaurants
Cheese Wheel Restaurants

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