5 Best Gazpacho Recipes

Gazpacho is a delicious soup made from raw vegetables (often with a tomato base) and typically served cold, making it perfect for hot summer days. It originates from Spain and has since spread and been influenced by several cultures such as Greek, Roman, and Arab. Intrigued? Well, keep reading about the best gazpacho recipes and try this refreshing soup for yourself!

1. Green Gazpacho Recipe

Green Gazpacho

As you can probably guess from the name, the main ingredients of this dish are green vegetables. Before you start cooking, you’ll need a blender or food processor to help you mix all everything to help you get to the consistency that you like.

The rest is actually pretty easy. Get all the vegetables (avocado, baby spinach, basil, parsley, green peppers, and green chile) and blend/process them with Greek yogurt, oil, sugar, water, ice cubes, seasonings, and walnuts.

Once mixed and in bowls, garnish with parsley, pine nuts (they’re great toasted), and julienned cucumber. You can use almonds or cashews in place of the pine nuts or leave them out entirely if you prefer. All that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your refreshing gazpacho on the patio.

Get the full recipe and directions here.

2. Tomato Gazpacho with Burrata Cheese Recipe

Tomato Gazpacho with Burrata Cheese

Fun fact this recipe shares: this dish is thought to have been created by rural farmers to have a cool, refreshing meal during the hot summers. Traditionally this recipe uses tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions as the main vegetables, as does this version of gazpacho. Either Roma or heirloom tomatoes will work in this recipe.

Using a blender, mix the vegetables with plain yogurt, garlic, and red wine vinegar, and season it to your preference. Add the olive oil gradually while blending. Once mixed, refrigerate the soup for at least an hour.

After chilling, serve with pieces of burrata on top, drizzled olive oil, and basil garnish. If you’re wanting to spice things up, try adding some diced jalapeno.

Get the full recipe and directions here.

3. Zucchini Noodle Gazpacho

Zucchini Noodle Gazpacho

As you might have already guessed, the star of this gazpacho recipe is zucchini. Not only will you blend zucchini in with the other ingredients, you can even top it with zucchini noodles for added texture. The recipe author recommends using a really good blender, even an immersion blender would work well.

Start by slicing zucchini and cucumber, grab fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes, sour cream, avocado oil, and seasoning, then toss them all into a blender. Pulse it until you reach your preferred consistency, and you’re done!

If you want to serve it right away, blend in some ice to help it chill faster. Top with zucchini noodles, pea shoots, parmesan crisps, and a few drops of olive oil, and enjoy every bite of this refreshing cold soup.

Get the full recipe and directions from Homemade & Yummy.

4. Authentic Spanish Gazpacho

Spanish Gazpacho

The recipe author lives in Spain, and there are lots of other tips they share from locals, so make sure to check those out. Traditional gazpacho uses roma tomatoes, but you could use other tomatoes in this recipe. Blend those up with cucumber, green bell pepper, bread (yes, that’s right), red onion, garlic, olive oil, sherry vinegar, salt, pepper, and ground cumin.

The bread helps make the soup thicker and round out the flavors. Make sure to use a thick slice of white bread or a baguette.

There are lots of fun toppings recommended, including homemade croutons, fresh herbs, fresh-cracked black pepper, olive oil, cream, Spanish ham, chopped hard-boiled eggs, or any leftover veggies.

A couple of variations offered in this recipe are to include more veggies and herbs or kick up the spice by adding jalapeno or serrano peppers. Some other common add-ins are watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries.

Get the full recipe and directions from Gimme Some Oven.

5. Sweet Corn Gazpacho

Sweet Corn Gazpacho

This gazpacho can be made up to three days in advance. Unlike the other recipes on this list, this gazpacho features several yellow vegetables, including yellow tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and corn. You will also need onion, garlic, and jalapeno (optional ingredient).

Blend all the ingredients with olive oil until smooth. Stir in sherry vinegar and lime juice and season to taste. Lastly, garnish with olive oil, cilantro, corn, and fresh ground pepper, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Get the full recipe and directions from The Endless Meal.

We hope these gazpacho recipes help you beat the summer heat. Having a refreshing, cold bowl of gazpacho sounds really good right about now. Which one of these are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments!

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Gazpacho Recipes
Gazpacho Recipes

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