Creamy Garlic Scallop Pasta

7 Best Scallop Pasta Recipes

Scallops are versatile ingredient whose sweet, briny flavors and delicate texture can be enjoyed on their own or in a variety of dishes. Adding scallops … Read more

Fusilli Scallop Pasta

Fusilli Scallop Pasta Recipe

Fusilli scallop pasta is a delicious and elegant dish featuring fusilli pasta, scallops, and a simple yet flavorful sauce. The recipe is finished with sautéed … Read more

Creamy Lobster Ravioli

Creamy Lobster Ravioli Recipe

Creamy lobster ravioli is a decadent, delicious, and comforting dish. Its simple flavors make it an ideal entrée for any seafood lover. If you’re in … Read more

Salmon and prawn linguine

Creamy Prawn Linguine Recipe

Creamy prawn linguine features a luxurious sauce and sweet, juicy prawns. This dish is given a depth of flavor with fresh garlic, red pepper flakes, … Read more

Prawns and Polenta

Prawns and Polenta Recipe

Prawns and polenta are probably one of the simplest Italian recipes. Prawns are prepared in a tasty and dense tomato-wine sauce and served over polenta. … Read more

Cioppino Recipe

Cioppino Recipe

Cioppino is a traditional Italian recipe, mostly prepared in the Liguria region. Its name comes from the Ligurian dialect word “ciuppin” which means “to cut,” … Read more

Salmon Pesto Tart

Salmon Pesto Tart Recipe

Salmon pesto tart is a quick and easy recipe to prepare using some healthy and super nutritious ingredients like spinach, pesto, salmon, and eggs. You … Read more

Calamari Soup Recipe

Calamari Soup Recipe

Calamari soup is one of the simplest soups to prepare, as it has very few ingredients, but this does not change the fact that it … Read more

Baked Clams Recipe

Baked Clams Recipe

Baked clams are a perfect recipe for any occasion, as it is eye-catching and super tasty. You can prepare it as an appetizer or even … Read more

Shrimp Alfredo Bake

Shrimp Alfredo Bake Recipe

An irresistibly rich shrimp alfredo bake, the perfect dish to satisfy the whole family. A combination of lightly-cooked flavorsome shrimp, tossed through penne pasta and … Read more

Pasta Mollicata

7 Best Pasta Mollicata Recipes

What is Pasta Mollicata? Pasta mollicata is a very straightforward meal made with pasta and toasted breadcrumbs. This simple Italian dish is prevalent in Southern … Read more

Pasta Mollicata

Pasta Mollicata Recipe

Pasta mollicata is one of the most simple and accessible Italian dishes, especially popular in Southern Italy. The dish consists of a mixture of store-cupboard … Read more


7 Best Pasta Cake Recipes

What are Pasta Cakes? Let’s explore how a mealtime staple gets turned into something fun to eat, just by changing its preparation. A pasta cake … Read more